Turn KeyIndustrial Solutions

Complete Metal Recycling Factories

Whether it is for heavy steel, or light aluminum, we have the best and latest technology to turn the waste metal to valuable industrial product.


Complete Battery Recycling Factories

starting from collection of spent lead acid used batteries to producing high end performance new batteries using latest environmental sound processes with minimum hazardous waste generation.

copper rod factory

Complete Copper Wire Rod Factories

starting from industrial cathodes or simply copper wire scrap, the technology will enable producing copper wire rod, suitable for manufacturing most types of copper cables

aluminum ingot

Complete Aluminium Ingots Production Factory

our technologies turn various types of Aluminium scrap coming from end-of-life vehicle yards and demolition sites to new aluminium billets and ingots of international standard quality using minimum energy requirements


ELV Dismantling and Processing Lines

end-of-life vehicles represent an environmental problem while having a very high potential value as a renewable material source. Our various machines and processes unleash the value and turns this waste into useful sellable materials


Waste to Energy plants

in recent years, we have developed our knowledge and capacity to provide the latest plants to turn domestic and industrial waste into a renewable energy source with environmental friendly process. We have solutions ranging from small local stations to region-wide central waste processing plants